Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety

Oscamike makes it easy to know more about freelancers and employers

While Oscamike is designed to connect thousands of freelancers and employers from all over the globe, user trust and safety is our top priority.

Feedbacks, reviews and ratings are essential to how the Oscamike platform works. Thanks to detailed freelancer ratings, employer feedback and user levels, getting to know more about freelancers is incredibly easy on Oscamike. Whether it is reviewing freelancer profiles or comparing freelancers, we’ve made things extremely simple for you!

Our marketplace also makes use of milestone payment systems to protect the interests of both employers as well as freelancers. This process gives employers the opportunity only to release scheduled payments after they are fully satisfied with their work and when the work has been successfully delivered, while freelancers can expect to receive payment as soon as they provide services.

Oscamike is designed to be a marketplace that offers full transparency to users. In addition to detailed feedback, ratings and review systems, we also facilitate real-time communication between employers and freelancers. This allows employers and freelancers to have a chat and discuss project requirements in detail before starting work. This also helps employers ensure that they hire the right talent for their needs.

Use Oscamike without any worries

Oscamike Vision Solution makes use of the latest technologies to ensure data security and minimise fraud. Our marketplace is designed to keep financial transaction and user data safe from breaches.

We value your privacy and ensure to protect your data at all times. Oscamike does not share your personal information with third parties.

Our platform is also capable of handling financial transactions. Whether you use a local bank account, a credit card or a PayPal account, you can easily link it to your Oscamike account to transfer or receive funds. With the help of third-party security providers, we ensure that all financial transactions on our platform are entirely secure.

Our server also allows for secure messaging. Any file transferred or any communication made on Oscamike is safe and secure.

A truly sophisticated marketplace

  • All financial transactions on Oscamike are fully secured with SSL encryption
  • Unique milestone systems to ensure protection for both employers and freelancers
  • Detailed reviews, ratings and feedback systems
  • Real-time communication between employers and freelancers
  • Quality support team available 24/7 for assistance
  • Flexibility to choose between hourly payment or fixed contracts
  • Proper dispute resolution measures in place
  • A global community of users who flag suspicious employers or freelancers
  • Constant tech research to discover new vulnerabilities
  • Privacy on user terms

Oscamike is designed to offer complete peace of mind, both to employers as well as to freelancers. We understand how stressful it can be to look for jobs or to hire the best talent for your needs. That’s why we’ve designed our marketplace to make things much simpler for you!

Oscamike is intuitive and easy to use, and you can rest assured that you’ll be presented with the best opportunities. Our unique algorithms will match skilled and qualified freelancers to the best employment opportunities.

With us around, getting work done could not be any simpler. Stop worrying and start making use of thousands of opportunities on Oscamike today!

Additional Protection Measures

While we have done our best to ensure that the Oscamike marketplace is safe and secure, users should also take additional protection measures for safety.

Make sure to avoid phishing scams. Phishing is a scam where you may be led to a fake login or signup page, and your password may be compromised. Always verify that you are not signing up on a fake login page.

Ensure to avoid free work fraud. Never start working for a client before official contract dates commence and do not ever pay to work for someone, even if they claim to reimburse your money. Our milestone system has you protected, so make sure to use it in the best possible manner. Once a project has been completed, and once you have received full payment, the right for the work will be transferred to your employer.

Trust our payment structure and fee systems. Leave your financial transactions to us, and we’ll make sure that you’re kept safe and secure. Report any users who request for purchases outside the Oscamike platform.

Report all users who ask you to process checks, money orders or PayPal payments to send you money from outside Oscamike. In most cases, these checks, money orders and PayPal payments are fraudulent, and you will never receive payment. Your bank may also hold you liable, so make sure to keep all transactions limited within the Oscamike platform.

What to do in case of disputes?

Oscamike is a marketplace built on trust and safety. Our robust security model helps protect your rights and keeps our marketplace secure.

In the rare event that you need to file a dispute or resolve a dispute, please get in touch with our support team. We have properly defined processes and procedures in place to handle disputes, so rest assured that disputes will be resolved soon.

If you think that you are the victim of a scam, please contact our support team immediately or write to us at We take user security extremely seriously here at Oscamike and we will do everything that is possible to protect our users.