Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This page describes the terms of service of using the Oscamike Vision Solution website and any of our services.

We may update this page at any time without any prior notice. Please make sure to check this page from time to time for any updates that we make.

Oscamike is a marketplace where services can be bought and sold. In order to access our marketplace, sellers and buyers are required to register an account with us. Our platform also facilitates financial transactions between sellers and buyers. Oscamike however, is not part of any contractual obligations between sellers and buyers. We only help in connecting buyers to sellers.

As our marketplace expands, we may add new services and products to our offerings. We do not, however, undertake to keep users updated. We cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy or error in the information listed on our website.

Before you use the Oscamike marketplace, make sure to go through this page carefully. By using our marketplace, website or any of our services, you agree to all the terms and conditions that are mentioned in this page.

Eligibility and Using Oscamike

The Oscamike marketplace is open for everyone to use unless if:

  • You are less than 18 years old
  • You are unable to get into contracts that are legally binding
  • You have been barred by law from providing or receiving services
  • You have been suspended from using our marketplace

Oscamike user accounts can be associated with individuals, as well as enterprises. Make sure never to share your Oscamike account credentials with anyone and keep your password protected. You will solely be held responsible for any action that takes place through your account, without any limitations.

We may, at our sole discretion, refuse any enterprise or individual from using our marketplace. Users cannot transfer or reassign any of their rights without prior written consent from us.

While using the Oscamike marketplace, you agree that you will not:

  • Infringe any laws or regulations
  • Post inappropriate material in any area of our marketplace
  • Fail to deliver services once purchased
  • Fail to pay for services that have been delivered
  • Manipulate how we have structured our fees or our billing process
  • Post incorrect or inaccurate information
  • Transfer your account to another party without prior consent from us
  • Distribute malware, viruses or other disruptive technologies using our marketplace
  • Distribute or create unsolicited spam material on our marketplace
  • Attempt to modify any software used in our marketplace
  • Take part in any action that may undermine the systems we have in place
  • Collect personal information about users without obtaining prior consent from them
  • Modify, copy or distribute any content on our marketplace and our trademarks and copyrights

Payments & Fees

Oscamike user accounts can be used to buy as well as sell services on our marketplace. Since our platform handles financial transactions, online payments are also associated with our market.

To send payments or withdraw monies, Oscamike user accounts need to be linked with any of the following:

  • Valid PayPal accounts
  • Local Bank account

The fees for sending or withdrawing cash depends on the linking. Payments once transferred are entirely final, and no transfers can be reversed. Oscamike cannot be held liable to make any refunds or changes once assignments have been made.

Additional fees or charges may be applied based on your currency and your location.

Oscamike may charge fees for providing certain types of services. These may include introduction fees, membership fees and listing upgrades. Whenever you make use of any of our services that are associated with a price, you can review and accept the charges based on our schedule. We may change our fee structure from time to time, and you will be notified of the fees associated with our services wherever applicable.

We may offer temporary promotions and special discounts on memberships from time to time. Such changes may affect the fees associated with our services temporarily.

All currency indicated in our website is in United States Dollars, unless stated otherwise.

Right to service refusal

Oscamike reserves the sole right to close, suspend, terminate or refuse the use of our service to any individual or enterprise.

We may suspend, terminate or block user access to accounts if:

  • You breach any terms or conditions mentioned in this page
  • You attempt to manipulate our system to avoid paying fees
  • You happen to infringe on any laws or regulations
  • You do not complete your account verification process after repeated requests
  • We determine that you are engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities
  • We learn that you cause a threat to any other individual or entity

If we suspend, terminate or block user accounts, users have no claim against Oscamike whatsoever concerning our right to service refusal.